Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Survey Editor Enhancements - Full HTML Editor, Images and YouTube Videos

WebSurveyMaster is happy to announce the latest enhancements to our flagship product.
The survey editor now has the option to use a full HTML editor for any descriptive text, so that members can completely style the text with their choice of colors, fonts, and sizes. Insert hyperlinks, bullets and much more.

We have added the capability to add multiple images or YouTube videos directly into the questions. This allows tremendous flexibility if the questions relate to a topic that is much easier to comprehend by the survey taker when they can see an image or video.

We have also added an additional literal description question type that allows members to add descriptive text anywhere within the survey without having an associated question. The new question type also allow images and YouTube videos to be embedded directly into the survey. The understand the new question type options in more detail click here

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